the moment you need to introspect and find what lies beneath you.the moment you realise wat it takes to be you .This poem tries to potrait where you will find peace for you and for you soul. Hope y…




at times when  I smile a lot,

at times when I laugh a lot,

I am left behind with silence

sometimes with shouts.
some smile revive the scars behind,

some eyes remind me of you.

when I am preoccupied,

you suddenly rush through.
even when none of it makes sense,

even when none signifies,

I find you every second with me.

with that smile and your eyes.
Amongst all that moments

which cross my heart,

amongst all that people that do,

you seem constant among all.
you are more like my breath.

I want to smell like you forever.

I dont care care who are around,

you are in there in me,thats real.
unknown what forever will be like.

unknown what love would be like.

unknown what life would be,

all now of me is you.


you hide a lot of me

cherish a lot of me

you collect my tears

overcome my fears

a lot which is unsaid

a lot which is undone

a lot that matters

a lot that doesnt

is dumped in you.

my eyes and hand double near you

but not does my heartbeat.

my smile is twice with you

but not the pain beneath.

you shed the tears with me

you hand out every giggle

you can be the best ever company 

that i would have forever