You hide a lot of me

Cherish a lot of me

U collect my tears

Overcome my fears

A lot which is unsaid

A lot which is undone

A lot that matters

A lot that dosent

Is dumped into you

My eyes and hand doubles near you

But not does my heartbeat

My smiles and laughs is twice with you

But not the pain beneath

You shed the tears with me

You hand out every giggle

You can be the ever best company

That i would have forever



If you ever feel the world is low,
If ever you reap what you never did sow,
Remember not all the seasons are beautiful
Not all the dishes are tasteful.

There isn’t a love without lust,
There isn’t a star without dust
Even the sun scatters through a window, the girl stinks who was once a meadow.

The autumn that makes the leaves dreamy,
The same makes them homelessly lonely
The girl who cried over her braid
Can now keep feelings unsaid.

The perfect world without fearful instinct
Where the colours of the rainbow are all distinct,
Doesn’t exsist and should never be,
It will kill the possibilities which you cant see.

It will have no dreams no unicorn,
The arcs of imagination would never be drawn.
There wouldn’t be new sunsets everyday
Noone would care about yesterday.

So let the tears roll down,
Let your hopes get make you frown,
Let the silliest joke make you laugh.
Beacause You’re a human afterall.