I often ask myself,

Where are the dusts of forever in my shelf?

What defines the end and the beginning?

In which is confined its meaning?


Is forever the life of the fly for it?

A minute for which it is lived?

Or does it lie in the spread of this sky?

Has it always been this blue and white?


If it started from the eves apple,

And ends in the doomsday maple,

Where in it do i lie?

Where in it do you lie?


Sometimes i think it lies in your smile,

Sometimes in that extra mile,

Through which i walked alone,

In search of happiness which you home.


Whenever comes the boundary of always,

Wherever the desert meets the ocean waves,

If you stop and look back ever,

I will be there,waiting,forever.



you hide a lot of me

cherish a lot of me

you collect my tears

overcome my fears

a lot which is unsaid

a lot which is undone

a lot that matters

a lot that doesnt

is dumped in you.

my eyes and hand double near you

but not does my heartbeat.

my smile is twice with you

but not the pain beneath.

you shed the tears with me

you hand out every giggle

you can be the best ever company 

that i would have forever